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Dasmen Residential LLC is a privately held real estate investment and management firm that owns and operates multi-family properties in major cities throughout the United States. We make opportunistic investments in growth markets and employ a range of strategies to create value and sustain long term asset appreciation. We seek to continue exceeding our goal of providing outstanding risk adjusted returns to our investors and clients and providing the best possible living experience in our communities. We have assembled the culture, philosophy, and skills necessary for this task: our time horizon, our capital base, experience, and our intellectual resources all reinforce our mission of being the best partner possible for investors, lenders, clients, and residents.


DASMEN utilizes a tireless hands on management approach to achieve outstanding success for its investors and clients while providing exceptional service to its residents.


DASMEN relentlessly strives for perfection for each individual asset. We look to execute flawlessly on each acquisition, disposition and or refinance. DASMEN works efficiently with a drive towards operational perfection in implementation of the business strategy for each individual asset.


DASMEN’s focus and determination are only matched by its integrity. From brokers to lenders, investors to clients, and vendors to employees and residents, honesty and transparency is paramount to safeguarding the trust in the way DASMEN conducts its business.


















Michael I. Katz, CEO

Michael I. Katz is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of DASMEN Residential LLC. An active real estate investor, owner and manager since 2009, Mr. Katz has been directly involved in the acquisition of over 5,000 multifamily units located in the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest and Carolinas.

Mr. Katz specializes in directly overseeing the implementation of the value add strategies through operational and capital improvements. He has been personally involved in all aspects of acquisitions, dispositions and refinancing. In addition, he has overseen large interior rehab projects and major exterior renovations. His investments have shown a strong history of success in improving both the quality of life for the residents of its communities as well as substantially increasing the value of the assets for his investors and equity partners.

At DASMEN, Mr. Katz looks to grow his new firm into one of the premier multifamily owner/operators in the US. He is looking to accomplish this by continuing to acquire true value add assets in prime locations and ensuring that the DNA of DASMEN is hands on management, a focus on the integration of technology within the day to day operations and a drive for excellence and perfection. Having closed over a half a billion dollars in Real Estate deals over the past several years, Mr. Katz is poised to lead his new firm with substantial multifamily experience and expertise.

In his personal life, Mr. Katz is very involved in many well known charitable organizations locally and abroad. He strives to give back to his communities and looks to create new opportunities for a variety of causes.

Joe Erblich, SVP Of Construction and Design

Joe Erblich is responsible for all of DASMEN’s construction and design. Mr. Erblich oversees every detail of the multiple Capital Improvement projects that DASMEN undertakes each year. He is directly involved with all contractors, sub-contractors, vendors, suppliers, architects and designers. Mr. Erblich has rapidly gained a stellar reputation throughout the Multi Family industry in delivering impressive results for both interior renovation programs as well as highly innovative and creative exterior projects. His ability to deliver these value add improvements to each asset far below market pricing has allowed DASMEN to set itself apart from other Real Estate Firms. Joe’s creativity and attention to detail has contributed to the success of DASMEN communities in allowing its Residents to enjoy living in unmatched quality.

Prior to joining DASMEN, Joe acted as Senior Manager at Capital Investment Group, where he oversaw all daily operations and the company’s Portfolio. Mr Erblich is active in his local community and devotes a significant amount of his personal time to volunteer work.

Jeremy Baum, SVP of Asset Management

As Senior VP of Asset Management, Mr. Baum is responsible for the day to day asset and property management. His main focus is on NOI growth and improvement strategies. He is responsible for portfolio-wide analysis and property reporting. Mr. Baum has extensive experience in the management of market properties, Section 8 housing, LIHTC, and value-add projects.

Prior to joining DASMEN, Mr. Baum was a Regional Operations Manager for Broad Management Group overseeing the operations, financial analysis, and budgeting for 11 multifamily residential investment properties. Additionally, Mr. Baum has a Master of Science in Accounting from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Josh Samuels, Asset Manager

Josh Samuels serves as our Asset Manager and works closely with our Asset Management team to run a best in class asset management operation. Josh has a BA in Economics from Touro University. He currently resides in Monsey NY with his wife and kids.

Natasha Cochran, Regional Manager

Natasha began her career a little over 13 years ago, she started in the multifamily industry as a leasing agent and within a year and a half she was promoted up the chain to Property Manager. Job development and team building are some of her passions.

During Natasha’s career, she had a hand in formulating training plans for new staff, traveling to other regions to train staff, oversee major projects/repairs/renovations, along with various other projects.

Christina Beckwith, Regional Manager

Christina came into the Multifamily Industry after several years in various management positions, and after completing two bachelor’s degrees, one in Education and the other in Organizational Leadership. She started as a leasing agent and within a year she was promoted from Leasing agent, to Assistant Manager, to  Property Manager, and shortly after a Regional Manager.

During her time as a Manager and a Regional, she oversaw several full property renovations, as well as creating and implementing policies and procedures. She has a passion for training and teaching.

Miri Schachter, In-House Interior Designer

Miri Schachter is our in-house interior designer. She is involved throughout each step of the design and construction process and is instrumental to the success of the various renovation projects DASMEN undertakes. Miri is the creative and driving force behind many of the impressive builds completed to date. Prior to joining DASMEN, Miri worked at a real estate firm in Brooklyn, NY.

Madison Myers, Project Manager

Madison Myers is our CapX Associate. She works in a highly fast-paced environment doing a multitude of tasks. Madison manages crews in some of our major regions, submits & processes invoices, reconciles credit card statements, and schedules contractors to bid on projects. She also assists with design projects. Madison graduated from the University of Cincinnati where she studied Marketing and Sales.

Benji Kohn, IT Associate

Benji Kohn is our IT Associate supporting all technological initiatives in both our headquarters and remote locations. He monitors and responds to the IT Help Desk inquiries. In supporting the remote locations, he coordinates with local vendors to ensure the day-to-day operations run smoothly. With a focus on Operational Excellence, he researches cutting-edge solutions to ensure DASMEN is operating efficiently. Prior to joining DASMEN, Benji worked at GT Imports in New Jersey as a merchandising associate.

Chaya Vorchheimer, Accounting Manager

Chaya Vorchheimer works in DASMEN’s accounting and reporting group. She works closely with Mercedes, our Controller, ensuring that all of our financial transactions are organized & accounted for. Previously, Chaya worked closely with the Controller of a nursing home management company for 7 years.

Morgan Weiss, Senior Marketing Manager

Morgan Weiss serves as Dasmen Residential’s Marketing Manager, maintaining property websites, promoting brand awareness through social media and developing marketing collateral. Prior to joining Dasmen, Morgan worked at a commercial real estate firm, supporting the company’s digital and print marketing initiatives. This involved creating marketing materials such as brochures, postcards, and advertisements. Morgan earned a Master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communication from Marist College.

Samantha Olang, Marketing Coordinator

Samantha Olang works as a Marketing Coordinator at Dasmen Residential. Samantha will focus on making creative marketing collaterals such as flyers, brochures, and social media posts. She works directly with the property managers in creating the best marketing strategies to increase traffic. Samantha received her bachelor’s degree in Marketing at Lehman College. With previous experience working at BMW as a product expert, providing an elevated customer experience. Samantha is a pivotal part of our team.

Ashley Pattman, Marketing Coordinator

Ashley Pattman works as a Marketing Coordinator at Dasmen Residential. Ashley maintains property websites, creates marketing collateral, plans events, promotes brand awareness through social media, and works closely with properties to ensure they have everything they need. Ashley has her own graphic design company & has previously worked as a marketing & HR intern at Doherty Enterprises. Ashley earned a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing & Graphic Design at Marist College.

Brooke Farmer, Marketing Coordinator

Brooke Farmer works as a Marketing Coordinator at our Headquarters. Brooke graduated from Marist College with a BA in Communications, concentrating in Advertising and Fashion Merchandising. She maintains property websites, creates marketing collateral, plans events, promotes brand awareness through social media, and works closely with our property managers to ensure that all of the sites have the materials that they need.

Sean Landsberg, Vice President of Operations

Mr. Landsberg manages a team of property and regional managers, leasing professionals, maintenance technicians and on-site maintenance supervisors for DASMEN’s portfolio.  Mr. Landsberg’s key responsibilities include oversight of day to day asset management, property operations & leasing, budgeting & expenses, as well as property reporting.  Mr. Landsberg works closely with the CEO regarding the development and execution of ownership strategy for the portfolio, and to ensure the investment objectives are met and surpassed with excellence.

Prior to joining Dasmen, Mr. Landsberg worked as a regional manager for PF Holdings, a Newark NJ based real estate investment firm, overseeing the management and budgeting of over 1500 units across 3 Northeastern states. He reported directly to the company’s CEO and investment partners, and led a property management team for 6 multifamily residential investment properties.

Jacob Schoenfeld, SVP of Finance

As Senior VP of Finance, Mr. Schoenfeld is responsible for all aspects of Financial and Accounting functions. He manages and implements the processes for financial forecasting and budgets, as well as overseeing the preparation of all financial reporting. Additionally, Mr. Schoenfeld is responsible for the underwriting and evaluation of potential acquisitions, dispositions and refinancing. Mr. Schoenfeld works closely with all departments at DASMEN to ensure the proper execution of each asset’s objectives and business plan.

Prior to joining DASMEN, Mr. Schoenfeld gained diversified real estate management experience from Broad Management Group. Mr. Schoenfeld holds a Masters in Accounting through Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Mercedes Bentolila, Controller

Mercedes Bentolila is responsible for Dasmen’s day to day accounting, bookkeeping and accounts payable functions. Previously, Ms. Bentolila worked for VOM (Virtual Office Management service) reconciling accounts banking operations and general bookkeeping. Before that Ms. Bentolila spent time at Garden Trading Group, maintaining accounts for various properties as well as cash management. Ms. Bentolila received her Master’s degree in Management Information Systems and Database Management from The University of Illinois/Chicago.

Susan Hyche, Regional Manager


Susan Hyche is the Regional Property Manager overseeing our Alabama and Georgia portfolio. Susan is a native of Birmingham, AL where she has 15 years of multifamily experience. Focusing on financial and market analysis, she strives to nurture operational clarity through policy and procedure improvements to create a securely-maintained asset. She’s known by her peers as an action-minded professional, winning Property Manager of the Year, Build your Bench awards, and awards for achieving NOI for the year

Melanie Barba, Office Manager

Melanie is the HR Manager at DASMEN Residential. She oversees all day-to-day human resources operations and various projects. Melanie graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration with honors. Prior to working at DASMEN Residential, Melanie worked for a human resources consulting firm where she supported multiple clients concurrently with benefits, payroll, recruiting and more.

Stephanie Forte, HR Associate

Stephanie Forte is our resourceful and supportive HR Associate. She works closely with Melanie and is always lending a helping hand to anyone in need. Prior to joining DASMEN, Stephanie worked at LongBridge Financial where she was in charge of funding reverse mortgage loans.

Ahuva Bojman, Accounting Manager

Ahuva Bojman is an integral part of our accounting management team. She earned her Master of Science in accounting from Fairleigh Dickinson University and is a publicly certified Accountant. With her 3+ years of experience, she has developed into a Real Estate expert, ensuring our financial systems are organized and efficient. Ahuva works closely with our our Controller- Mercedes on all things accounting related.

Jennifer Gulino, Marketing Coordinator

Jennifer Gulino works as a Marketing Coordinator at Dasmen Residential. Jennifer will focus on making creative marketing collaterals such as flyers, brochures and social media posts. She works directly with the property managers in creating the best marketing strategies to increase traffic. Before joining Dasmen, Jennifer worked at a real estate company as a Marketing Coordinator, this entailed mainly event planning and running all of their social media. She also made creative marketing content for the company as well. Jennifer has recently earned her bachelor’s degree in Marketing at Montclair State University.

Val Cichorek, Office Assistant

Val is the Marketing Assistant at the DASMEN headquarters, assisting the Marketing Team as well as other departments from Accounting to Operations.  Daily tasks include assisting the Marketing Team with residential property marketing projects, data entry, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and monthly employee newsletters.  Val lends an extra helping hand wherever it’s needed and keeps corporate operations running smoothly and efficiently.  With a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and previous experience in advertising, marketing, accounting, and data entry in the broadcast field, Val adds tremendous value to the DASMEN team.

Natalie Torres, Office Assistant

Natalie works as one of our dedicated and resourceful Office Assistants. She works closely with our Accounting Team and she also manages other office responsibilities needed at our headquarters. Prior to working at DASMEN, Natalie worked at a property management real estate group out of Hoboken, NJ.

Paige Ackerman, Operations Manager

Paige Ackerman works as the Operations Manager at Dasmen Residential. She works closely with the Operations team to ensure each of the corporate responsibilities at all of Dasmen’s properties are met. She communicates daily with the different departments across our team to make certain that everyone is working towards the same goal and has the things they need in order to be successful. Prior to working at Dasmen, Paige received a degree in Business administration at the University of Rhode Island.

Greis Pojani, Accounting Manager

Greis Pojani is a part of the accounting team at Dasmen. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Economics and a minor in Mathematics from Rutgers University. Prior to joining Dasmen, Greis worked for a property management company based in NYC where she supported the controller of the company.

Chana Brodt, Accounting Manager

Chana Brodt is one of our Accounting Managers. She is from Brooklyn, NY, and attended Touro College where she received her BS in Accounting. Before working at DASMEN, she worked as a payroll accountant for a nursing home management company.

Dalia Mathew, Accounting Assistant

Dalia Mathew works closely with Mercedes and supports the accounting department with any and all of their needs. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from CUNY College of Staten Island where she also minored in both Finance and Business.

Paola Pinos-Castillo, Remote Leasing Specialist

Paola works as DASMEN’s Remote Leasing Specialist in our HQ office. She was born in Ecuador and moved here when she was 2. Paola earned an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Rockland Community College. Prior to working at DASMEN, Paola worked for Target.


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