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Dasmen Residential LLC is a privately held real estate investment and management firm that owns and operates multi-family properties in major cities throughout the United States. We make opportunistic investments in growth markets and employ a range of strategies to create value and sustain long term asset appreciation. We seek to continue exceeding our goal of providing outstanding risk adjusted returns to our investors and clients and providing the best possible living experience in our communities. We have assembled the culture, philosophy, and skills necessary for this task: our time horizon, our capital base, experience, and our intellectual resources all reinforce our mission of being the best partner possible for investors, lenders, clients, and residents.


DASMEN utilizes a tireless hands on management approach to achieve outstanding success for its investors and clients while providing exceptional service to its residents.


DASMEN relentlessly strives for perfection for each individual asset. We look to execute flawlessly on each acquisition, disposition and or refinance. DASMEN works efficiently with a drive towards operational perfection in implementation of the business strategy for each individual asset.


DASMEN’s focus and determination are only matched by its integrity. From brokers to lenders, investors to clients, and vendors to employees and residents, honesty and transparency is paramount to safeguarding the trust in the way DASMEN conducts its business.


















Michael I. Katz, CEO

Michael I. Katz is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of DASMEN Residential LLC. An active real estate investor, owner and manager since 2009, Mr. Katz has been directly involved in the acquisition of over 5,000 multifamily units located in the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest and Carolinas.

Mr. Katz specializes in directly overseeing the implementation of the value add strategies through operational and capital improvements. He has been personally involved in all aspects of acquisitions, dispositions and refinancing. In addition, he has overseen large interior rehab projects and major exterior renovations. His investments have shown a strong history of success in improving both the quality of life for the residents of its communities as well as substantially increasing the value of the assets for his investors and equity partners.

At DASMEN, Mr. Katz looks to grow his new firm into one of the premier multifamily owner/operators in the US. He is looking to accomplish this by continuing to acquire true value add assets in prime locations and ensuring that the DNA of DASMEN is hands on management, a focus on the integration of technology within the day to day operations and a drive for excellence and perfection. Having closed over a half a billion dollars in Real Estate deals over the past several years, Mr. Katz is poised to lead his new firm with substantial multifamily experience and expertise.

In his personal life, Mr. Katz is very involved in many well known charitable organizations locally and abroad. He strives to give back to his communities and looks to create new opportunities for a variety of causes.

Jeremy Baum, SVP of Asset Management

As Senior VP of Asset Management, Mr. Baum is responsible for the day to day asset and property management. His main focus is on NOI growth and improvement strategies. He is responsible for portfolio-wide analysis and property reporting. Mr. Baum has extensive experience in the management of market properties, Section 8 housing, LIHTC, and value-add projects.

Prior to joining DASMEN, Mr. Baum was a Regional Operations Manager for Broad Management Group overseeing the operations, financial analysis, and budgeting for 11 multifamily residential investment properties. Additionally, Mr. Baum has a Master of Science in Accounting from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Christine DerOhannesian, VP of Strategic Development

Christine DerOhannesian has over 30 years of Executive Management experience.  The last 11 in Strategic Development specifically. She has worked with a broad range of companies including the tabletop company, Mikasa and Hospitality company, Caesars Luxury Resort and Casino. Within her diverse industries of Retail, Sports, Hospitality and Real Estate, she consistently provided insight, organization and planning. 

With DASMEN, she remains creative for solutions, challenges efficiency, provides organization, structure, and communications. Christine’s key role also includes strategic partnerships and relationships.  She contributes to all things DASMEN to promote business development and support growth.

Mordy Shiffman, Asset Manager

Mordy Shiffman is our new Georgia Asset Manager! With years of experience in the industry, Mordy brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. As our Asset Manager, he works closely with the Columbus, Georgia portfolio and our Asset Management teams to ensure the success of our assets at DASMEN.

Yosef Silver, Asset Manager

Yosef is an Asset Manager at DASMEN with a diverse background in both real estate and healthcare. He brings a wealth of experience to our team! With a focus on Charlotte and Birmingham, Yosef is poised to drive growth and success in these markets.

CJ Newton, Regional Manager

CJ Newton is a talented and experienced regional manager who currently leads the team in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has over 12 years of customer service experience and began his career in property management with Dasmen in 2017. CJ is known for his strong communication and problem-solving skills and has consistently delivered outstanding results under his leadership.

Dwone Burse, Regional Manager

Dwone is an experienced professional in the field of property management, with over 22 years of experience in the industry. He is a native of Florida but recently relocated to Columbus, Georgia. Dwone earned his degree from Florida Memorial College and comes highly recommended by his peers at Tzadik Management. Dwone is known for his expertise in property management and is dedicated to delivering top-notch service to his clients.

Susan Hyche, Regional Manager

Susan Hyche is the Regional Property Manager overseeing our Alabama and Georgia portfolio. Susan is a native of Birmingham, AL where she has 15 years of multifamily experience. Focusing on financial and market analysis, she strives to nurture operational clarity through policy and procedure improvements to create a securely-maintained asset. She’s known by her peers as an action-minded professional, winning Property Manager of the Year, Build your Bench awards, and awards for achieving NOI for the year!

Alison Schuh, Regional Manager

Alison is a dedicated and hardworking individual who currently serves as the Regional Property Manager overseeing our teams in Columbia, South Carolina. She has been with Dasmen for five years and has worked her way up from a leasing associate to her current position. She is an integral part of the Dasmen team and we are fortunate to have her on board.

Miri Schachter, In-House Interior Designer

Miri Schachter is our in-house interior designer. She is involved throughout each step of the design and construction process and is instrumental to the success of the various renovation projects DASMEN undertakes. Miri is the creative and driving force behind many of the impressive builds completed to date. Prior to joining DASMEN, Miri worked at a real estate firm in Brooklyn, NY.

Chase Hernandez, IT Manager

As the IT Manager at DASMEN, Chase leads a team responsible for the smooth operation of our company’s technology systems. He has a track record of implementing and maintaining successful technical solutions and enjoys finding creative solutions to complex challenges. Chase is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies to provide our employees with the support they need in order to succeed.

Benji Kohn, IT Associate

Benji Kohn is our IT Associate supporting all technological initiatives in both our headquarters and remote locations. He monitors and responds to the IT Help Desk inquiries. In supporting the remote locations, he coordinates with local vendors to ensure the day-to-day operations run smoothly. With a focus on Operational Excellence, he researches cutting-edge solutions to ensure DASMEN is operating efficiently. Prior to joining DASMEN, Benji worked at GT Imports in New Jersey as a merchandising associate.

Morgan Weiss, Senior Marketing Manager

As Senior Marketing Manager at DASMEN, Morgan Weiss is responsible for managing the marketing department and ensuring that the company’s marketing efforts are effective. She has experience in both digital and print marketing, including creating marketing materials such as brochures and advertisements. In her current role, Morgan maintains property websites and promotes brand awareness through social media. Before joining DASMEN, she worked at a commercial real estate firm where she supported the company’s marketing initiatives. Morgan has a Master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communication from Marist College.

Jennifer Gulino, Senior Marketing Coordinator

Jennifer Gulino works as a Senior Marketing Coordinator at DASMEN. Jennifer will focus on making creative marketing collaterals such as flyers, brochures and social media posts. She works directly with the property managers in creating the best marketing strategies to increase traffic. Before joining DASMEN, Jennifer worked at a real estate company as a Marketing Coordinator, this entailed mainly event planning and running all of their social media. She also made creative marketing content for the company as well. Jennifer has recently earned her bachelor’s degree in Marketing at Montclair State University.

Melissa Taranto, Marketing Coordinator

Melissa Taranto works as a Marketing Coordinator at DASMEN. Melissa maintains property websites, creates marketing collateral, plans events, promotes brand awareness through social media, and works closely with properties to ensure they have everything they need. She has previously worked as a Marketing Assistant at Nationwide Equities Corporation. Melissa earned a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing with a Minor in Social Media at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.

Ariana Pugliese, Marketing Coordinator

Ariana is a Marketing Coordinator at DASMEN. Ariana maintains property websites, creates marketing collateral, plans events, promotes brand awareness through social media, and works closely with properties to ensure they have everything they need. Ariana previously has interned at Easy Event Planning as a digital marketer optimizing content by using SEO and creating WordPress articles for blogs. Ariana earned a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management at Montclair State University and is continuing her education by getting her MBA as a project manager.

Janelle Marchesani, Marketing Coordinator

Janelle Marchesani works at DASMEN as a Marketing Coordinator. For many properties at DASMEN, she will maintain and create websites, social media posts, graphic design, marketing materials, event planning, and mass emails. Before joining the team, she worked as a Manager for Love Your Look Beauty Studio where she supervised staff and daily operations, scheduled clients, ran social media, edited the website, ordered inventory, and set up clients. Janelle has graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing at Ramapo College of New Jersey and has a Cosmetology License.

Kristen McLean, Marketing Coordinator

Kristen McLean is a Marketing Coordinator at DASMEN, where she manages property websites and social media accounts and works on various projects to promote the properties and attract incoming residents. She brings to the role a solid foundation in social media and digital marketing, having graduated from West Chester University in Pennsylvania with a degree in Marketing.

Natalie Torres, Recruiting and Onboarding Manager

Natalie is a Recruiting and Onboarding Manager at DASMEN, where she works closely with the Accounting Team and manages various office responsibilities. Prior to her current role, she worked as an Office Assistant at the company and also gained experience at a property management real estate group in Hoboken, New Jersey. Natalie is dedicated and skilled at juggling multiple tasks, and is a valuable asset to the DASMEN team.

Paola Pinos-Castillo, Remote Leasing Specialist

Paola is a Remote Leasing Specialist at DASMEN, where she helps clients find rental properties and guides them through the leasing process. She was born in Ecuador and moved to the United States when she was two years old. Paola earned an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Rockland Community College and previously worked for Target. She is known for her strong communication and customer service skills and is an asset to the DASMEN team.

Sean Landsberg, SVP of Operations

As the Senior Vice President of Operations at DASMEN, Sean Landsberg is responsible for driving company performance and growth through innovative initiatives and operational excellence. With a focus on performance and customer satisfaction, he leads and oversees several company divisions including Operations, Marketing, IT, Recruiting, Onboarding, Training, and Collections departments within DASMEN.

Landsberg is known for his ability to build and maintain relationships with associates, vendors, and partners. He is a technology enthusiast who is always seeking new ways to leverage technology to improve efficiency and drive success.

Since joining DASMEN in 2016, Landsberg has played a vital role in the company’s impressive expansion. He is a dedicated professional who takes great pride in his work, and his contributions have been instrumental in DASMEN’s ongoing success. Landsberg resides in New York with his wife and two children.

Jacob Schoenfeld, SVP of Finance

As Senior VP of Finance, Mr. Schoenfeld is responsible for all aspects of Financial and Accounting functions. He manages and implements the processes for financial forecasting and budgets, as well as overseeing the preparation of all financial reporting. Additionally, Mr. Schoenfeld is responsible for the underwriting and evaluation of potential acquisitions, dispositions and refinancing. Mr. Schoenfeld works closely with all departments at DASMEN to ensure the proper execution of each asset’s objectives and business plan. Prior to joining DASMEN, Mr. Schoenfeld gained diversified real estate management experience from Broad Management Group. Mr. Schoenfeld holds a Masters in Accounting through Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Mercedes Bentolila, Controller

Mercedes Bentolila is responsible for DASMEN’s day to day accounting, bookkeeping and accounts payable functions. Previously, she worked for VOM (Virtual Office Management service) reconciling accounts banking operations and general bookkeeping. Mercedes received her Master’s degree in Management Information Systems and Database Management from The University of Illinois/Chicago.

Amanda Flood, Office Manager

Amanda Flood is the Office Manager at DASMEN. She handles a variety of office related tasks and assists various departments in day-to-day operations. Amanda graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work with Honors from Ramapo College. Prior to working at DASMEN, she worked as a Case Investigator & Contact Tracer with the Bergen County Health Department.

Nicole Wardrop, Office Assistant

Nicole Wardrop is the Office Assistant at DASMEN. She performs clerical duties, answers phone inquiries, maintains files, and organizes documents by keeping our accounting department organized! Nicole has prior experience as a Rural Carrier associate with the US Postal Service and has over 10 years of customer service and sales expertise.

Melanie Barba, Asset Management Analyst

Melanie is the Asset Management Analyst at DASMEN. She works directly with our SVP of Asset Management. Melanie analyzes property performance data and identifies trends and areas for improvement. She also assists with on-site operations, lender and insurance requirements, inspections, and budgets.

Stephanie Forte, HR Manager

Stephanie Forte is the HR Manager at DASMEN, where she is known for her helpful and supportive nature. Prior to joining the company, she worked at LongBridge Financial, where she funded reverse mortgage loans. Stephanie is well-versed in all aspects of HR and is a reliable and valuable team member.

Bekah Andreaccio, Regional Manager

Bekah Andreaccio has been promoted to Regional Property Manager of Tucson, AZ. Bekah’s success is largely due to her exceptional leadership skills. Prior to joining DASMEN, Bekah established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the industry. She has a proven track record of success in property management, consistently exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional results.

Cortez Oliver, Regional Manager

Cortez Oliver has joined the DASMEN Team as a Regional Property Manager for Atlanta, Macon, and Milledgeville in Georgia! He comes with 14 years of property management experience and 10 years of multi-state regional management experience.

Paul Cifuni, Director of Business Development

Paul is responsible for developing new business opportunities and expanding some of DASMEN’s well-renowned ancillary companies. He also leads various recruiting campaigns to meet hiring goals across the company’s portfolio. He is dedicated to driving business growth and success for DASMEN.

Terri Begg, Collections Specialist

As a collections specialist at DASMEN, Terri is responsible for managing the collection of outstanding balances from tenants and owners. She has the skills and experience necessary to effectively handle a wide range of collection issues.

Ahuva Bojman, Accounting Manager

Ahuva Bojman is an integral part of our accounting management team. She earned her Master of Science in accounting from Fairleigh Dickinson University and is a publicly certified Accountant. With her 3+ years of experience, she has developed into a Real Estate expert, ensuring our financial systems are organized and efficient. Ahuva works closely with our our Controller- Mercedes on all things accounting related.

Val Cichorek, Operations Manager

Val is an Operations Manager at the DASMEN headquarters assisting the Operations Team as well as other departments from Accounting to Marketing. Val lends an extra helping hand wherever it’s needed and keeps corporate operations running smoothly and efficiently. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and previous corporate experience in marketing, advertising, accounting, and data entry in the broadcast field, Val adds tremendous value to the DASMEN team.

Paige Ackerman, Operations Manager

Paige Ackerman works as the Operations Manager at Dasmen Residential. She works closely with the Operations team to ensure each of the corporate responsibilities at all of Dasmen’s properties are met. She communicates daily with the different departments across our team to make certain that everyone is working towards the same goal and has the things they need in order to be successful. Prior to working at Dasmen, Paige received a degree in Business administration at the University of Rhode Island.

Selina Pauwels, Operations Assistant

Selina Pauwels joined us upon graduating from Caldwell University with a Bachelor’s degree in English and a minor degree in Business Administration. Selina now works within our Operations department as an Operations Assistant equipping our team for success by handling various administrative tasks, communicating daily with different divisions, and ensuring corporate responsibilities are met throughout our properties. Selina says that her goal for working at Dasmen is to “contribute to Dasmen’s overall growth and success in the industry, improve people’s living conditions, and make a positive impact in the workplace.” Through Selina’s education and previous work experiences, having her on board has benefited our staff’s efficiency and contributed to our ongoing growing team and Dasmen’s overall goal to provide our communities with the best living experience possible.

Chaya Vorchheimer, Accounting Manager

Chaya Vorchheimer works in DASMEN’s accounting and reporting group. She works closely with Mercedes, our Controller, ensuring that all of our financial transactions are organized & accounted for. Previously, Chaya worked closely with the Controller of a nursing home management company for 7 years.

Chaya Vorchheimer works in DASMEN’s accounting and reporting group. She works closely with Mercedes, our Controller, ensuring that all of our financial transactions are organized & accounted for. Previously, Chaya worked closely with the Controller of a nursing home management company for 7 years.

Greis Pojani, Accounting Manager

Greis Pojani is a part of the accounting team at Dasmen. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Economics and a minor in Mathematics from Rutgers University. Prior to joining Dasmen, Greis worked for a property management company based in NYC where she supported the controller of the company.

Chanie Brodt, Accounting Manager

Chanie Brodt is one of our Accounting Managers. She is from Brooklyn, NY, and received her BS in Accounting from Touro College. Chanie has worked in various accounting roles, including as a payroll accountant. In her current position, she is responsible for overseeing the accounting team and ensuring that all financial records are accurately maintained.

Dalia Mathew, Accounting Manager

Dalia Mathew works closely with Mercedes and supports the accounting department with any and all of their needs. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from CUNY College of Staten Island, where she also minored in Finance and Business. In her role, Dalia is responsible for financial reporting, budgeting, and analysis, and is known for her strong attention to detail and ability to work well under pressure. She is a valuable member of the team and an asset to the company.

Stephanie Valverde, Accounting Assistant

Stephanie works closely with Mercedes to do the best she can to support the accounting department with any and all of their needs. As a first-generation college student majoring in business with a concentration in healthcare administration, she brings a unique perspective and drive to her role. Stephanie is responsible for assisting with financial reporting, budgeting, and analysis, and is known for her strong work ethic and commitment to excellence. She is a team player and an asset to the company.

Sarah Serfaty, Accounts Payable Associate

Sarah works as an Accounts Payable Associate to ensure that all financial transactions are properly recorded and that vendor relationships are maintained. She has experience in the customer service and sales field as well as a certificate in bookkeeping. Sarah is excited to continue growing and developing her skills here at DASMEN!


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